Best for nourishing and restoring skin, Manuka Honey

July 02 2019 – Customer Service


Organic Manuka Honey - aka Nature's Miracle

Known for its numerous beneficial properties this honey has become known as ‘nature’s miracle’. Manuka Honey is best for nourishing and restoring skin.

The Dr. Organic Manuka Honey range is designed to provide you with an amazing boost of hydration which helps to revitalise your complexion, nourish your hair and inject life into your skin.


Super Nutrient

Manuka Honey’s well documented, beneficial healing properties are derived from a unique blend of potent natural compounds. Although all honey has some antibacterial action, due to hydrogen peroxide activity, Manuka Honey has very high activity and also contains an additional antibacterial component identified as the Unique Manuka Factor.


Manuka Honey Skincare Benefits

Thanks to its impressive properties, Manuka Honey can be used as a functional ingredient in skin care products. A number of studies have identified the benefits of using Manuka Honey on the skin. Its antioxidant and nutrient-rich qualities are used to nourish, moisturise and restore skin. Manuka Honey has a nourishing, soothing and restoring effect, leaving skin smoother, hydrated whilst helping to improve the look and texture of the skin.


Beauty Boosting

Manuka Honey has a replenishing effect on dry and mature skin, helping to restore the skin’s natural moisture levels and assists skin restoration giving the skin a softer, smoother, healthy-looking feel. It replenishes the hair’s natural condition by penetrating the fibres of the hair to help nourish and restore dull, dry and damaged hair, keeping it shiny and soft.


The History Behind Manuka Honey

During ancient times, honey was not only used as a natural sweetener but also as a healing agent. Stone Age paintings demonstrate human use of honey dates back at least 8000 years. Honey was used to treat infected wounds as far back as 2000 years ago, long before bacteria were discovered to be the cause of infection. Honey has been used in skin care for centuries. It was mentioned in Sumerian and Babylonian tablet writings and Egyptian papyri.


Skin Science

Unlike standard honey, Manuka Honey’s healing properties have been shown to be stable and very effective. These properties are so strong that scientists believe Manuka Honey can be used effectively to treat a variety of medical conditions instead of standard drug therapy. Indeed medical trials have shown that Manuka can kill more than 80 strains of bacteria, including in some cases the most drug-resistant flesh-eating superbug MRSA.


Manuka Honey Products

Dr Organic Manuka Honey Skincare range is an exclusive range of naturally inspired body care products designed to help maintain hydrated and healthy looking skin and to nourish and restore hair using Manuka Honey’s unique active properties. All our Manuka Honey products utilise the finest natural and organic raw materials. Sourced from around the world, every single ingredient is rigorously tested to ensure it conforms to our strict quality guidelines.


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